Arhivă pentru Decembrie 2009

Page 9 : Last exam !!!

Tomorrow i’m going to write my last exam this year 😀  Hope , I’ll score a good mark , even if last one was very difficult. I hate writting exams. Better pas them orally , bcoz 15 minutes of talking is much better then sitting 3 (!!!) hours and not be able to finish.

Well, wish me good luck !!! 😀


Page 8 : Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas has arrived!!! Even if i’m in the middle of work, Christmas bring happiness in my soul.

I sent a SMS to almost all my friends and received only few replies, but this won’t affect my mood.

This song reminds me of my childhood  :)))

Page 7:Too little time

I have to prepare for 2 exams and there are only 3 days left. I wonder why they decided to put the exam on saturday… hope everything will be allright… 🙂

Page 6: Thefts

Few days ago, my classmate told us his story:

He had a new laptop and tried to sell it. He put an advertise on the internet and found a potentially customer. They agree to met somewhere , but at the meeting the theft pulled out his gun and said to put down the box and go away. My classmate wanted to run with laptop but the snoe was to high and he dropped the box.

Because he tried to run away, theft let a lot of clues.. but our police are working too slow… hope he will get his notebook back 😦

Page 5: Netbook

Today I brought my first netbook :

Asus Eee pc 1101HA

Intel Atom Z 520 1.33 Ghz

2gb RAM

250 GB HDD


First I thought that is incredible slow but after some optimization  Win 7 run very well. It’s ideal for typing and running office applications and i managed to play a HD 720 p video.

Youtube videos also run smooth even in full screen. I didn’t try the HQ , it maybe won’t run so smooth 🙂


+I installed Photoshop and it run pretty good

– I’m dissapointed that it can’t run some youtube videos and other flash powered websites 😦

Page 4 : Life!!!

interesting article about life… the fear of taking a wrong way and how to obtain something… hope you know romanian 😀

Page 3: Too many memories little time..

Since this blog is young one.. i have a lot to tell about but I almost have no time for writting… have a lot of exams and project to be prepared for and time is running out.  I’m sure that I’ll obtain good results but this drain out too much power….