Page 5: Netbook

Today I brought my first netbook :

Asus Eee pc 1101HA

Intel Atom Z 520 1.33 Ghz

2gb RAM

250 GB HDD


First I thought that is incredible slow but after some optimization  Win 7 run very well. It’s ideal for typing and running office applications and i managed to play a HD 720 p video.

Youtube videos also run smooth even in full screen. I didn’t try the HQ , it maybe won’t run so smooth 🙂


+I installed Photoshop and it run pretty good

– I’m dissapointed that it can’t run some youtube videos and other flash powered websites 😦

    • Dumbledore
    • 24 decembrie 2009

    ppc… la tine netbookul e mai puternic ca la mine pc-ul)))

    P.S. Felicitari xD

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