Page 25: A strange feeling…

The blog is meant to be read. Well my blog is quite different. It’s more like a live journal that no one can open and read the content. My blog isn’t locked, I periodically share link with it, but when I look at the statistics, I see only zeros.

Maybe the articles that i post are not interesting, or maybe I should post more often?

At the very beginning blog’s name was The book of life and I thought that it will be a place to put back my memories after that I tried to make a useful blog about computers, but.. I am too lazy 🙂

Should I change the blog’s name into: „The lazy’s blog: Don’t expect a new post less than after one month”  Yea It sounds pretty cool, but I am too lazy, once again, to do that. xDD

After all I think I’ll change a little my blog, will remove some categories and will make some tweaks.

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