Page 27: Netbook v.02

In my previous post I wrote about my first netbook that i brought and general impessions when I first time unboxed it and reviewed.  Now after a half year (or even more) of heavy usage  I can say that I’m really good at choosing devices that fits my special needs ^_^.

Asus promised me a device with 9.5 hours of battery life. I didn’t what was write on package and figured out that average run time was about 8 hours. Well, pretty impressive but I messed up with super Hybrid Engine, a program that allowed to rise processor’s clock (better performance) and lower the processor’s clock (power saving) and know I can reach an average 7 hours and nearly 8 hours with me doing nothing and lowest brightness.

Also it was first attempt of the asus to install Windows 7 on netbook and it had a bug with recovery. Result: I destroyed my Operating system and had no cd drive to use recovery CD. I was dissapointed. Downloaded a clear version of Win 7 and installed it via usb. It worked just fine and I decided to leave the things in the way they are.

Because of the small size and weight, it was always with me. At the college i used it as a copy book, because typing is twice faster then writting with one hand and also I had all necessary data always with me. No need to look into the schedule to check what copybook i should take on next day. And yes, half year of projects and lessons equals to 50 mb of disk space 😀

Back then I was dissapointed because I have only 7 hours of battery life instead of 9.5 but when I was doing my practice and had no power source to plug in computer, my netbook was really great. Battery was enough for 2 days and I stopped to check the battery level every 2 minutes.

After 3 moths my desktop PC broke and I needed to use my netbook instread. It wasn’t so confortable because the screen is small (11,6″ compared to my desktop’s 17″) but it was very quiet. I could sleep when nearly my father was browsing through internet.  It was  good enough for doing random things from browsing different web sites, playing some videos, chatting via skype and downloading files using utorrent. Also was able to watch a lot of movies in HD 720p format. After a month of regular usage i noticed that bill for electricity was really small (about 80 lei less than previous one).  Know , when i fixed the desktop and have anoter full size laptop, I still like my little netbook because I don’t need to be concerned about battery  and the overall performance is low, but enough for me to do anything exept games 🙂

p.s. Today i tried to full discharge a 86% battery and was able only after 5 hours of heavy usage, maximum brightness (even if 50% is moore than enough) and loots of youtube videos being watched 😀

p.p.s. this post was written using it. ^_^

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