Fujitsu Lifebook NH751 review, tips & tricks

Recently I brought my second laptop and because the netbook that i own wasn’t enough powerful for coding i decided to go for a laptop with a big screen (17.3 inch) or how it’s called by manufactures: a desktop replacement.

Here are some technicall data:

– HD+ 1600×900 17.3 inch Display

– Core i5 2410m 2.3 Ghz CPU

– 4gb RAM

– nVidia GeForce GT 525M

– 3 USB 2.0 + combo USB/eSata

– Express Card Slot

– Audio: 2 tweets 2 mid 1 subwoofer

When I opened the box i expected to see a big heavy laptop, but it wasn’t like that.

Yes it is quite heavy, with it’s 3.7 kg but i lifted him from box with just one hand without to much effort. First thing that I noticed and i didn’t liked at all was the glossy surface on top. My netbook is also all glosy and it catch fingerprints too easy. Thanks it’s only on top. Inside they used a matte black finish tha looks really awesome but it still catch few fingerprints.

The display is ok. The resolution of 1600×900 is quite enough for me and it has very good view from horizontal angle but vertical’s are just awful. Well we can’t expect to much from a notebook display, but it has a glossy surface and it reflects almost all sources of light directly into your eyes. Not to pleasant. Also lid is very heavy(because of its size and it can’t be hold too firmly by hinges), and you’ll probably notice some teetering.

Keyboard is really good, i’m typing right now with a incredible speed on it without making too much mistakes. The keys size is big and it gives you a good feedback. But when I got it, it has some flex in the middle. It doesn’t affect my typing speed but it feels strange to see keyboard „waving in the front of your eyes”. So i got the screwdrive and fixed it. Now it has no flex and i like it.

It’s nothing special to say about touchpad. It has the same surface as the palmrest, has multitouch gestures  and the one thing that i liked compared to some other notebooks, buttons are not chromed and don’t catch scratches. I use a wireless mouse and touch is really not important for me.

Even if it has almost 5 speakers the audio isn’t good at all. All of them are very small and struggle to give a decent sound. Sometimes keyboard vibe and it adds extra (unpleasant) noise. Verdict: buy a 2.0 stereo or listen music with headphones. Also I couldn’t stop from opening the front panel and i saw 2 small speakers on each side: one made from a material that reminds paper and another was made from hard transparent plastic. I wonder each one was midd and each one was tweet.

Well, even if was nothing special in what i said before, now comes thing that i really matters.

Fujitsu paired this notebook with a 8-cell 5200mAh/77 Wh battery.Note: 5200 mAh with 6 cell battery is not the same as 5200 mAh with 8 cells battery. And it lasts 6 hours in web surfing mode. 6 HOURS! Some netbooks can’t last that long but here comes Fujitsu with a twice as large screen and a hungry CPU and it lasts 6 Hours. Even playing Modern Warfare at the max settings I squeezed about 2 hours and 40 minutes.

It manages such good time because of optimus technology, it works fine under Windows but it will give you headache on running Linux:

[Trick][Linux only]You must start with nomodeset option and after installing to add the following line :

blacklist nouveau  in /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf

also i managed to obtain only 3 hours of runtime on linux and it was all hot(damn it, they don’t have developed good power saving utility yet).

[Trick]Usually it last around 3 hours when playing movie but i found a trick to make it run more that 5 hours. You must use k-lite codec pack and set the Option DXVA enabled when you install it. Also play HD-movies with Media player classic and see instriction [DXVA] near Playing.

About temperatures, it never gets too hot. Well, after long time under full load the palmrest becomes warm, and it feels a little bit uncomfortable, but it never becomes hot like on some HP notebooks. I would be pleased to have IceCool technology from asus, but I don’t care to much. In full load, with both gpu(integrated and dedicated under load) + CPU at 100% I never managed to go after 85 C(note that i have 2 paper legs,see below). Hope you understand that is no practical way to use notebook like that. I did it only to see the max temperature. Usually only one component is used at max (Processor or Video Card).

[Trick] You can buy a coolerpad or you can simply make two paper legs to put on the back and elevate it a little so air could better cool him down(this will drop temperature under load with ~5 C).

That’s all for now, I will continue with another post if i’ll find something new.

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