Arhivă pentru iulie 2013

[digiKam] Tags Manager – how to enable multiple selection

On my previous post I told you about setting up the GUI for Tags Manager. Well, setting up a GUI is easy to do 80% of work , but it will take the same amount of time to polish everything.  Before finishing everything, all options must be fitted in, and I can’t do this right know.

After browsing digiKam code, I figured out that drag-n-drop was enabled by default, I thought „It’s cool, less work for me”.  After digging a little bit further, I found an attempt to support multiple tags as a TODO and few lines of code.  After few minutes of work tag  tree was supporting the multiple drops.

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Tags Manager GUI is up!

Well, this is my first post describing what I did in the last 2 weeks. I managed to code the user interface for Tag Manager and fit it into digiKam’s menus. It wasn’t something very difficult, but setting up a good layout it’s a routine work, while moving an element and watch if it stays in place. Of course, lots of functions don’t work yet and a custom tree item awaits to be fitted into the main window, but a lot of menus are already up and running, together with icons and other elements. I re-factored it only once and I’m happy with the result.

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Aaand .. I’m back + new GSoC category

After a whole year not posting a single thing on my blog, I finally remembered that I have one. Indeed a lot of my beliefs changed in this period of time and I don’t have that much time to write long.

Also a new category is dedicated for my Google Summer of Code experience. If you don’t know, I was accepted at Google Summer of Code to work for one of KDE’s main application called digiKam.

digiKam is a photo management program and I should enhance user experience by implementing a new Tag Manager.

I hope everything goes according to my plan 🙂