Tags Manager GUI is up!

Well, this is my first post describing what I did in the last 2 weeks. I managed to code the user interface for Tag Manager and fit it into digiKam’s menus. It wasn’t something very difficult, but setting up a good layout it’s a routine work, while moving an element and watch if it stays in place. Of course, lots of functions don’t work yet and a custom tree item awaits to be fitted into the main window, but a lot of menus are already up and running, together with icons and other elements. I re-factored it only once and I’m happy with the result.

Here is a screenshot to see how it looks like:


Next I’m going to code the tag tree model(center window) , custom label list (left window) and link them together.  It could go faster but I’m always slowed down by digiKam’s big codebase and my CPU is not that fast. That’s it for now,  stay tuned for further updates. 🙂


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