[digiKam] Tags Manager – Quick Access List

I was constantly whining that until now I had only search & fix work to do. Yes, it’s annoying when you don’t write code, but it’s quite a useful stuff to read other peoples code, since you can see some amazing and elegant solutions to certain problems.

Now, when it came to implement The Quick Access List for Tags Manager, I had the freedom to choose what should I add and how should it work. Of course it should be functional, since I don’t want to mess up with users brains and test their patience.

After a week of coding, it was almost finished and also integrated with other Tags Manager functionalities. Even if it looks incredible light (only one button to add items and delete option into context menu), it packs a lot of mouse actions:

1. Multiple selection – Add and Delete

2. Intelligent way of displaying content – limited to fit in the list’s borders, but unlimited when you hove with mouse

3. Drag-n-Drop with multiple selection

4.  Allow easy filtering of content using Search Box.

5.  Content is saved and restored using QSettings

Only now, I understood how powerful is the model-view implementation in Qt. It allow you to build amazing things and pack them in a really nice and minimal graphic user interface.  Only the underlying code can tell you how much stuff is fitted in.

Overall, I’m quite happy with how Tags Manager looks and works, for now I’m rushing to fix Nepomuk, will post another article about it, since I’m facing a lot of challenges and it seems pretty interesting.

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