Page 3: Too many memories little time..

Since this blog is young one.. i have a lot to tell about but I almost have no time for writting… have a lot of exams and project to be prepared for and time is running out.  I’m sure that I’ll obtain good results but this drain out too much power….


Page 2: My decision :)

So.. I decided to keep this journal in english. As far as all my friends know english i think that will be no problem. Since this is a public journal i think that will be nice if everybody could understand 🙂  Enjoy it!!!

Începutul )

Ideea stranie de a-mi crea un blog a venit chiar cu o noapte  în urmă şi chiar dacă înainte nu vedeam sensul, acum am înţeles că am nevoie de un jurnal în care să-mi păstrez memoriile , pentru că altfel se pierd în torentul prea mare de informaţie cotidiană. Deci.. let’s get started 🙂